co-nutrition, eco-food, organic food. All these kinds of restaurant have been for sure, tested in Europe and overseas for a long time

In Russia it is still quite new and fashionable mainstream. Fans of such a behavior concerning meals should pay attention to Moscow’s farmers' cooperative LavkaLavka. 

Basically, "Lavka" is a center of a healthy food with an emphasis on dishes prepared out of the original Russian products. The activities of this audacious restaurant which developed as a startup more than 6 years ago, were mentioned by such serious media as Euronews and the New York Times, proof that this restaurant is really successful. There are several “Lavka” stores, where you can buy products cultivated according to biological standards, are located within or very close to the boundaries of the Garden Ring. 

But there is only one restaurant LavkaLavka. It is located within walking distance from all the romantic sites of Moscow - Pushkinskaya Square, the Boulevard Ring, Tverskaya Street (Petrovka, 21). If you are strictly following the principles of eco-food, then you found the right place. 1500 rubles per person will be more than enough.

any tourists are coming to Russia, and particularly to Moscow, to taste traditional Russian product: vodka

Moscow restaurant industry offers a variety of places for that. For you to have an easy choice, it is worth to come to the center of the city and take a look across the road from the Kremlin - in front you will find one new Moscow restaurant - "Doctor Zhivago" (Mokhovaya Street, 15). 

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Lovers of Russian literature will appreciate the name of the restaurant, referring to story-telling and mysterious pictures. The kitchen is proven to be a true Russian one, not only over the years but over the centuries. Within this restaurant, visitors will find a pretty intriguing space: a separate vodka room. Excellent set of vodkas and distillates, moreover properly chosen snacks will not leave you in a state of rest. After visiting the "Doctor Zhivago" you will surely go to conquer Moscow (but be ready to spend at least 5000 rubles per person here).

n continuation of the purely Russian theme, "Cafe Pushkin" is a place which cannot be ignored
This place of worship is more than 15 years old and here everything is worth of attention: a fine Russian cuisine, the attitude of the staff (though this is more understandable by the Russian-speaking audience), interiors that match the creative workshops of the XIXth century.

You should come here slowly working up an appetite from either side of the Boulevard Ring (Tverskoy Boulevard, 26a). Here the prices are, of course, higher than the average ones, but in "Cafe Pushkin" you must try everything that your heart desires. The permanent chef Andrei Makhov confessed that while applying for the job he was caught by the phrase of the owner: "Our grandchildren will come to this restaurant". Make it a family visit and enjoy a hearty (or maybe dissipated) dinner.

f you are young, fervent and ready for unexpected discoveries, then come for lunch, for dinner or just for tea or coffee to "Khitrye lyudi"
This cafe is hidden, in fact, at the back of the Kurskiy railway station, and the location doesn’t seem to be attractive (4th Syromyatnicheskiy lane, "Winzavod" area). But when you find yourself in the territory, you realize that a very special atmosphere is waiting for you.

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And inside you will immediately fall in love with "Khitrye lyudi" – especially if you're a fan of Hemingway and Ayn Rand. The kitchen here is absolutely eclectic, delicious and fits all tastes. But people come to "Khitrye" also for socializing and entourage.

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ometimes you miss your country
In Moscow there are more than enough restaurants cooking their national cuisine, absolutely any kind of nationality up to the restaurants with invited chefs from their homeland. If you're a connoisseur of beer and football, pay attention to the home pub of Moscow "Manchester United" fan club known as "Bobby Dazzler" (Kostyansky lane, 7/13).

Do not be afraid of the club 'ownership' of the pub, everything is all right with tolerance here. On Friday and Saturday evenings you can enjoy igniting live music.
ooking for the Russian way? Quick and cheap? Then network places such as "Moo-moo" or "Taras Bulba" are waiting for you
There are many of them all over Moscow, so you may be more or less lucky with the number of visitors and the helpfulness of the staff. But there you will catch essence of the Russian cuisine, anyway. "Moo-moo" is quite a democratic place: everyone has his own tray and the chance to breathe in the dining room smells. Simple snacks, soups - you must try them by all means.

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Kitchen of "Taras Bulba" will suggest you a tasty and hearty meal for sure, you certainly need to try the different home-made alcohol drinks, but forget the good health, which the food is supposed to bring you.

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o not forget about fast food

The largest, and by the way, the first Russian domestic fast-food network worth of attention is «Kroshka-kartoshka».

Before getting into the oven, the potatoes pass a very strict selection. The minimum weight of the potatoes is 300 grams. And then you are the creator of your own lunch - add fresh salads, meat, cheese, or other succulent ingredients to the baked potato. Low cost - for 2-4 Euros you will get a big, «healthy» lunch.

Another worthy national network is «Teremok».

 It works in a fast casual format: they do not use frozen foods, pancakes are cooked right in front of you. The list of all the offered toppings for your pancake is quite difficult to write down. Do not be embarassed if the waiter adresses you "My honest gentleman" – (Sudar’-rus.) or "My dear lady – (Sudarynya – rus.)", feel free to answer "If you please!" and enjoy the proven to be a true Russian meal: pancakes. Buy the way, at home Russians usually eat them with fingers.