ccommodation in Moscow

You may use such global services as or The first one will acquaint you with all the temptations of accommodation in the First Capital City. Using all the necessary settings and filters you will easily find what you can afford and what is matching your needs. A completely differently built service helps you to choose flats, apartments or lofts fitting all tastes.
et’s begin with the icons of hotel service in Moscow

Of course, we are talking about the "five stars". The old Soviet and even pre-revolutionary classics which are Hotel National and Hotel Metropol.

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Hotel Metropol. Photo by

Both of them are surrounding the Red Square from a different perspective. At first glance, from the outside they look cold, but inside they can please even the most demanding customer.

Hotel National. Photo by

If you’re not sure the "National" is worth, there is one more "delicious" argument that can make the difference:  restaurant " Dr. Zhivago" is on the first floor, a very fashionable place.

«Doctor Zhivago». Photo by

 Both hotels, of course, go beyond the notion of "budget accommodation", but they are not in the category of "cosmic" prices either. The "Metropol" sometimes sells rooms for the price of 150 euros / night for two people, "National" is a bit more expensive, but € 200 / night cannot be considered as a sky-rocketing price.
nd for gourmets, we suggest the mansions situated in the heart of Moscow

Have a look at The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya.

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Despite its grandiose appearance, this mansion-hotel positions itself as a family hotel and has interesting offers: all kinds of discounts in restaurants and spas, as well as free accommodation for children up to 12 years in the room with parents. There is even an option of having a service of personal butler.

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All visitors of "St. Regis" will be offered to taste the hotel's signature "Bloody Mary" cocktail, then you can delve in its varieties right here - at the nearest bar. No need to talk about the location of this hotel. It stands at the beginning of the pedestrian Nikolskaya street – a 10 minutes walk and you will find yourself next to the Kremlin, on the Red Square. The price of the rooms is quite affordable : from 190 euros / night (for two parents with a child). But you can put on the ritz and book, for example, "Presidential Suite" for 100 000 rubles.

Sophisticated Mamaison All-suites SPA Hotel is located on Pokrovka street, between the Boulevard and the Garden Rings.

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Not exactly central, but you can easily stroll to the center of the city. The choice of your room in this spa hotel is the toughest part of the process, as the choice is really rich. Art Deco style design, a rich set of spa services, decent gourmet meat restaurant… In any case, it's worth taking the time to explore all the possibilities of Mamaison on Pokrovka.
f you interested in the socialist or communist ideology, then you definitely need to focus on the monumental Soviet-era hotels

There are still some of them: Zolotoe Koltso, Belgrade ... Some are expensive, while others offer surprisingly cheap accommodation. In this respect, the hotel Pekin on Triumfalnaya Square is standing out.

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Pompous chic of Stalin's empire is combined with decent service and a legendary, according to Soviet standards, restaurant of the same name. If your motto during your visit to Moscow is Back in The USSR, then Pekin Hotel is the ideal choice.

n Moscow, however, as elsewhere, you will find hotels of proven global networks such as Novotel, Mercure or Holiday Inn
Ibis is a widespread hotel business, so if you start your acquaintance with Russia in Moscow and you are not very confident in the thickness of your wallet, then Ibis with its different categories and suggestions is the ideal choice.

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Moreover, budget accommodation options of Ibis are possible even in the most unexpected places, for example, in a pleasant and not very bustling Paveletskaya station, which you can reach by Aeroexpress straight from Domodedovo Airport.
ostels and other super-economical options such as bed & breakfast are also available in the capital
You can spend a lot of time finding the right reference points, but there is one piece of advice: you can find a cheap and original accommodation without leaving the center of Moscow and stay at Sleepbox hotel Tverskaya. It is located very close to the Belorussky Railway Station. In this "capsule" hotel everything is thought till the ultimate detail even more elegantly than in its Japanese "progenitors".

 Capsule-rooms, first of all, vary in layout and design, and, secondly, you're not going to spend all your time in the room. Moreover you are on Tverskaya, what else do you need?! Some people may probably think that such a hotel experience is an unwarranted extreme. In fact, it's worth it!