e loyal to the police and anti-terrorism authorities

Anti-terrorist security measures are visible at first sight: there are passenger and baggage checks at railway and metro stations, at the entrances of shopping centers, theaters and cinemas. We kindly ask you to be patient and loyal during these inspections: as well as around the world, the risk of terrorism has increased in recent years, and the police do its utmost to reduce it. Police officers may ask you to provide your ID or open your bag and backpack. When passing through a metal detector, you may have to take out all metal objects from your pocket (and put them on a table aside of the gates of the metal detector). This increases the reliability to prevent a terrorist act, which is certainly better than to face its consequences.

You can call the police in case of emergency by dialing number 112 on your mobile phone (it’s free of charge). If you need the assistance of a police officer, you can find one at the metro platform or in crowded places.

atch your bags and valuables

Pickpocketing is successfully countered within Moscow. But as such incidents can happen in any metropolis – beware! You’d better be too careful than becoming the victim of an exotic event which will spoil your stay.

So, be careful in the subway and at the train stations. The rules are the same for all countries of the world: watch your belongings, keep most valuable things close to yourself, and avoid putting valuables in external pockets of your clothes. Being in the crowd wear your bag or backpack in the front. Try not to leave your phone on a café table if you're leaving for a few minutes.

e more careful in the suburban areas

There are no "bad districts" in Moscow, where tourists are not recommended to go. However, many city streets pass through industrial districts and so-called "bedroom communities" of apartment buildings are located on the outskirts. It’s better to cling to the lit streets and look around while being in such places.

We do not recommend walking at night in the industrial quarters, among garages and surroundings of large markets if it’s not needed. Choose well-lit parks and urban forests.

void illegal taxi services and buses

In addition to the municipal transport system and legal taxi services there are private semi-legal buses today - minibuses (“marshrutki") - and illegal taxi drivers – “individuals”. We do not recommend using these types of transport, because the city cannot guarantee neither transport, nor criminal security of the “marshrutki” and illegal taxi-drivers. The most convenient way to get a taxi in Moscow is via mobile applications (the most common are Uber, Yandex.Taxi and Gett Taxi) and telephone calls.

f you require any medical assistance

You can call an Ambulance by dialing number 112 on your mobile phone (free of charge). 

You will need to tell what happened, your name and your address. Emergency medical services in Moscow are free for all, regardless of nationality. It includes the Ambulance service and hospital treatment in case of life danger. Planned medical services may need to be paid for.