here are 3 airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo (SVO), Domodedovo (DME) and Vnukovo (VKO)

The three of them are located a few dozen kilometers away from the city center though they’re really not far away from the borders of the modern city. Airports are connected with the heart of Moscow by railroads and highways.

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Domodedovo. By Kovalev D.I.

In the arrival hall of any of the Moscow airport you can see the intrusive taxi agents who promise a cheap and quick transfer to the city. You’d better ignore them because there is a high risk of deception and in any case the prices they offer will be everything but reasonable. It's time for you to choose the optimal way to reach the city.

First. "Aeroexpress" trains are at your disposal if you are not overloaded with luggage and if you can catch them from 05:00 am to 01:00 am. 

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This is the fastest and rather cheap (420 rubles) way to get to Moscow from Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo. Follow the signs, ask the staff how to get to the Aeroexpress platform: they will definitely show you the direction. Ticket terminals (which accept credit cards) are in front of the platform. You can also purchase tickets in advance on the website

The trip by "Aeroexpress" will take 40 - 60 minutes, depending on the airport of the departure, and will bring your to Belorussky Railway Station (from Sheremetyevo), Paveletskiy Railway Station (from Domodedovo) and Kievskiy Railway Station (from Vnukovo). These three stations are situated on the circle line of Moscow’s metro allowing quick transfers in case you need to pursue your trip in metro. Moreover, you will find buses, trolley-buses and trams close to them.

Second. If you want to save money, then buses are at your service. 

By D.Privolnov

From Sheremetyevo you can reach the “Rechnoy Vokzal” metro station by bus 851 (single trip ticket costs 50 rubles, you can buy it at the driver’s cabin but only in cash). During the night H1 bus departs from Terminal B, crossing the center of Moscow in the south-west direction: departure time is 01:30 am and then, each hour till 5:30 am. Tariff is the same: 50 rubles.

Shuttle buses to "Domodedovskaya" metro station depart each 15 minutes from Domodedovo airport. Working hours: 06:00 am till 00:00.

Vnukovo airport is connected to the metro stations "Yugo-Zapadanya" and "Rumyantsevo" by the city bus 611. There is no night route either.

Third. The most comfortable, but also the most expensive way to get to the city is the taxi. 

The easiest way to get it is to use the official taxi cue post in the arrival hall. But it’s more profitable to use one of the taxi mobile applications, which you can download on your smartphone or tablet. There are 3 main applications which function in Moscow: “Yandex.Taxi”, Gettaxi and Uber. With these companies, the cost of the trip to the city from any of the Moscow airports will be around1200 rubles, independently of the time you can waste in the traffic jams, which can last for several hours.

ll railway stations are connected to Moscow metro stations, next to them you will find all kinds of ground transport
International trains arrive to Belorussky Railway Station (from Poland, Lithuania and Belarus), to Leningradsky Railway Station (from Finland, Estonia and Lithuania), to Rizhsky Railway Station (from Latvia) and to Kievsky Railway Station (from Ukraine and Moldova).
hichever highway you take to come to Moscow by car, the main border landmark of Moscow "core" is MKAD, the Moscow loop highway
This turnpike serves as a huge Moscow roundabout and all highways reaching the city are connected to it, so you won’t have a chance to miss it.

By Marina Lisceva

If you are traveling with the navigator, make sure in advance that your maps are up to date. If you use paper maps, get the latest version and carefully write down the numbers of the required MKAD exits. In Moscow the old road junctions are often on repair, new ones are being build, that’s why the situation and routes are constantly changing.
egular buses will bring you either to the nearest metro station or to the Central Bus Station or to the newest “Yuzhnye vorota” Bus Station
Regular buses will bring you either to the nearest metro station which will be on the route, simply follow the crowd and you will see the entrance to the metro, or to the Central Bus Station (next to it there will be "Shchelkovskaya" metro station) or to the newest “Yuzhnye vorota” Bus Station. It is located on the border of the city, close to the MKAD (Moscow loop highway) and from there, shuttle buses departing every 15 minutes, will allow you to reach different metro stations. “Yuznye vorota” Bus Station has comfortable WCs, cafes and WiFi. Moreover it is a good place to make a pause and plan further routes in the city.

Photo by the press service of the Mayor of Moscow