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To get a visa to Russia by yourself, you need to contact the Russian embassy or its consulate at the place of your permanent residence (residents of countries which are allowing Russian citizens to get their visas not only from Russia but also from other states, are free from this restriction).

To apply for a Russian visa, you are required to present the following documents to the embassy or the consulate:

1.Passport (or any other ID, recognized by the Russian Federation). 

It must be valid, should not cause doubts concerning its authenticity and ownership. The document should not have any marks, reservations, records, erasures and corrections, which are not certified by the authorities of the issuing state; should not have any torn or embroidered pages. There should be at least two blank pages for the visa). Passport should expire not earlier than 6 months after the end of the visa. This rule has exceptions: for those who travel to Russia for emergency medical treatment, to visit a sick relative or to attend a funeral. For these situations, it is possible to get a visa with an expiring passport (but it shouldn't expire before the end of the visa). And when it comes to an educational or a work visa, the passport should not expire earlier than in 1,5 year after the start of the visa.

2.The filled in application form 

On the site of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation you can get these documents: a sample of the application form (except for citizens of the USA, UK, Canada and Georgia); a template of the application form (except for citizens of the USA, UK, Canada and Georgia); a sample of the application form for the citizens of US, UK, Canada and Georgia; a template of the application form for the citizens of the USA, UK, Canada and Georgia.



One Photo (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm, black-and-white or color) with a clear full-face image without darkened lens glasses and without headwear (with the exception for foreign citizens, for whom the constant wearing of headwear is a mandatory attribute of their nationality or religion and for the persons who are wearing their headwear on the photograph in their passport).

4.Submission of documents, related to the desired the visa category. 

To obtain a tourist visa to Russia you need to have a tour operator confirmation concerning the reception of a foreign tourist. Unfortunately, the hotel booking is not enough for granting a tourist visa to Russia.

You will be charged a consular fee when applying for a visa. The cost can be specified on the website of the Russian Embassy in your country.

ourist visas to Russia are of 2 types: one- and double-entry. They are issued for up to 30 days

If you plan an individual program and/or want to spend more than 30 days in Russia, you need to have friends in Russia who will be able to issue an invitation for a private visa (one or double-entry for up to three months) for you.

If you are applying for an educational or a work visa in Russia, in these cases, in addition to the invitation of the relevant organization (university or a company you are going to work for), you are required to have a certificate of absence of HIV (valid for up to 3 months).

Visa can be extended (relevant documents are necessary) for up to 10 days (if the total period of your stay in Russia will not exceed 90 days in the last 180 days). The visa can also be extended if the foreign citizen got seriously sick while staying in Russia and needs to have a medical treatment, or if his close relative passed away. In these cases, visa is extended for a period of treatment or till the funeral. Finally, the visa is still valid, if the foreigner cannot leave Russia due to force majeure.