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Sovietskaya hotel

32/2 Leningradsky Prospect
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This building housed the legendary "Yar" restaurant prior to 1917.
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This building housed the legendary "Yar" restaurant prior to 1917.

Initially restaurant appeared here in the 1836. Tranquille Yard, the French chef and merchant opened a country restaurant here and it soon became a favorite place of revelry for Russian intelligentsia and nobility. Bunin, Kuprin, Chaliapin, Chekhov often asked coachmen "Drive to the"Yar". There has always been a gypsy chorus. O. Fedorova and Barbara Panin sang, Ilya Sokolov’s choir performed here.

A Sudakov bought the restaurant in 1895. New big building in the fashionable Art Nouveau style with huge arched windows and gorgeous interiors erected in 1910 designed by architect A. Erikhson. The roof was crowned with large faceted dome, Large and Small state rooms accommodates up to 250 people. The restaurant has a summer garden, gypsies continued singing since this was outside the city. The law prohibited gypsy singing within the city line. Writers, artists, lawyers came here from Moscow, Gregory Rasputin loved to visit here.

After 1917 the restaurant building housed a dining room, a hospital, a cinema, a Red Army soldiers gym over the years. In 1925 here was a cinema school and Cinematography institute house here in 1930.

In 1939, architect P. Ragulin has rebuilt the former "Yar", which housed the pilots’ club (or the Central House of Civil Aviation). Ceiling painting were made by P. Corin.

In the 1950s, the building was rebuilt again. Hotel "Sovietskaya" opened here featuring the same restaurant. Outstanding architects P. Steller, I. Loveiko, Lebedev were working on the reconstruction of the Pilots’ Club by the personal order of Vasily, the son of Stalin. He was a commander of the Air Force of the Moscow Military District during these years.

The hotel built in the grandiose Stalin's Empire style has become one of the government residences. Vasyl Josefovich planned to live here while the Air Force sports complex was constructed nearby under his leadership. However, he did not live in Sovietskaya hotel for a long time. After Stalin's death, he was demoted and then prisoned.

Gypsy Theatre and concert hall "Romen" opened in “Sovetskaya” in 1969.

In 1998, the building was upgraded. Red flag flutters above the roof of the hotel "Sovietskaya", corridors are covered with red carpets, marble columns and gilded cornices adorn the lobby. Apartment number 301 was called in honor of Vasily Stalin, but the large arched windows continue to remind of "Yar" restaurant.


Central moscow hippodrome

Central moscow hippodrome

22/1 Begovaya Street

Attorney F.N. Plevako writer, V.A. Giljarovsky and many other public figures opposed the hippodrome many times, but tote has lived up to our days.