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Trinity church

18A Mosfilmovskaya street
The iconostasis of the church can be recalled by admirers of the classic Russian cinema: it appears in the Sergei Eisenstein's movie  "Ivan the Terrible".
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Golenischevo village, known since 1406, has become famous in the history of Russia as the residence of St. Cyprian, Metropolitan of Moscow and Kiev, at the turn of the XIV-XV centuries.

However, for the first time the church was mentioned here only in 1474 and with a different name - in the name of St. John the Divine. And in the XVII century, it already appeared as a wooden church in the name of the Trinity - as a result the village became known as Trinity - Golenischev. By 1644 a stone tent church appeared, to which after a while a bell tower, a refectory and a chapel in honor of the martyr Agapia and Metropolitan Jonah were added. The erection was carried out by "stone business apprentice" Larion Ushakov on the project of architect Antipa Konstantinova, who previously created the Terem Palace in the Kremlin.

The church at the Trinity - Golenishchevo was built in the last decade of construction tent churches in Russia - in 1653 by Patriarch Nikon this form of church architecture was banned. The closest analogue of the Holy Trinity Church is the Church of the Intercession in Medvedkovo. Powerful central octagonal tent surrounded by two smaller tents, crowning the chapels, and if the main tent is smooth, then aisle tents decorated with rows of windows, false rumors. The chetverik of the main volume is completed by keel-shaped kokoshniks, the main volume from the west and from the south is surrounded by a gallery. The original tent belfry in 1860 was rebuilt and shifted to the north-west, at the same time the refectory was expanded.

Stone Trinity Church for its history twice seriously suffered. During the Patriotic War of 1812, French troops staged a stable in it, and then the building enveloped the fire, which destroyed most of the icons. For the second time the temple had to pass through serious trials after 1939, when it was closed by the decision of local authorities. At the same time, its iconostasis was used by director Sergei Eisenstein in the film "Ivan the Terrible", his further fate remains unknown. The building housed a warehouse of raw materials and finished products of the 3rd cardboard factory of the Office of Special Enterprises, then it went under the jurisdiction of the State Television and Radio of the USSR. For the first time the church service took place at the Nativity of Christ in 1991. Soon the whole building was transferred to the community of believers and was restored.

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Памятник Доценту

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Иконостас из этой церкви могут вспомнить любители классики отечественного кино: он фигурирует в фильме Сергея Эйзенштейна «Иван Грозный».