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Monument Associate Professor

Mosphilmovskaya street
(Нет голосов)
Riddle: why they rub the monument nose and fingers?

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In the summer of 2001, during the days of the Moscow International Film Festival, near the "Mosfilm" laid Alley of movie heroes. Here, in the alley, there is a monument to Yevgeny Leonov: the actor appeared in the image of the Associate Professor from the film "Gentlemen of Fortune". The sculptor painted the scene from the film, when the hero says the famous: "I'll tear the jaws!" Over time, passers-by rubbed the Docents to shine their nose and fingers showing the "goat".

The sculpture depicts the same tattoos that were on the Assistant Professor in the film: a skull with bones and a bulb on his left hand, a cat and a naked woman on his right hand, two anchors on his chest, and several phrases: "Morning meets the morning with coolness," "live became more cheerful "," she is tired "and" I will not forget my mother ".
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