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Fatalities in the stadiums of the world

Moscow Luzhniki Stadium
(Нет голосов)
The monument was put to the tenth anniversary of the tragedy.

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A monument to the dead at the stadiums of the world was erected near the rostrum "B" by the tenth anniversary of the tragedy in Luzhniki. Then, on October 20, 1982, in a mass crush at the end of the match between the football clubs Spartak Moscow (USSR) and Haarlem (Netherlands), 66 people were killed. On the monument are inscribed the names of the dead, as well as the names of cities in the world, in stadiums that killed fans - Brussels, Glasgow, Athens and others. The authors are architect Georgy Lunacharsky and sculptor Mikhail Skovorodin. The initiator of the monument - the club of fans of "Spartacus".

Dominant of the monument - the face of a grieving mother against the backdrop of the stands of the stadium and the stairs where the tragedy occurred.
To give the international significance to the monument, the inscription "Killed at World Stadiums" is made in four languages.
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