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Earth and water

Moscow Luzhniki Stadium
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Allegorical sculptures "Earth" and "Water" were made in 1957.

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On the territory of the Olympic complex there are objects of cultural heritage of federal significance - the allegorical sculptures "Earth" and "Water", made in 1957 by sculptors N. G. Zelenskaya, Z. G. Ivanova, A. Sergeeva, architect I. Ye. Rozhin on the project of Vera Mukhina after her death. Sculptures are installed on the Luzhnetskaya embankment on different sides of the prestigious alley. "Earth" is a one-figure sculptural composition depicting a sitting nude woman holding a basket with vegetables and fruits. Sculpture "Water" is a three-figure composition with a squatting naked man holding a large catfish over the fin and tail, under the right foot of the man sits a large crab. The foundation of the monuments is rectangular, made of granite blocks.