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"Sokolniki" Retro-Train

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The retro-train Sokolniki was built in 2010 for the 75th anniversary of the Moscow Metro and stylized as the first train of the Moscow Metro, which consisted of type A. cars. The train was created by special order at the enterprise-manufacturer (Metrowagonmash), made on the basis of model 81-717.5М / 714.5М, however, it received its digital designation - 81-717.5А / 714.5А. It was launched on the Sokolnicheskaya line on May 15, 2010, on the day of the 75th anniversary of the Moscow metro.
Outside, the train differs from the base model in the following parts: the body is painted in the colors characteristic of the metro of the 1930s, the frontal part of the head carriages with two chromed headlights (but without an end door, unlike the original), stylized for type A carriages, is used. The interior trim of the carriages is made of flame-retardant plastic, imitating linkrusta - the material used in the salons of carriages of old series; the salon is equipped with soft sofas with sidewalls of the seats, as well as bra-lamps, typical of the first subway trains, are also mounted.
It is the only series of wagons in the Moscow metro, which was deliberately not equipped with Wi-Fi access.

Text and photos provided by Moscow Metro