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S. M. Shibaev

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Sidor Martinovich Shibaev (1817, Bogorodsk (now Noginsk), Russia - August 30, 1883, Moscow, Russia) - manufacturer, oilman, 1st guild merchant, Old Believer.

Came from a family of Old Believers Shibaevs, was a member of the community Rogozhskoe cemetery popovschinskogo consent.

In 1844 he founded the bleaching factory near the town of Bogorodsk in bright lake with the help of his friend I.S.Morozova. At the same time he was a senior employee Borogodsko-Glukhovskoy manufactory ZS Morozov. Bleaching factory SM Shibaev produced bleaching fabrics for many manufacturers - its products are considered to be top-notch.

Sidor Shibaev participated in the creation of Tver Manufactory, but soon sold his share of TS Morozov.

In 1857, in the village of Istomkino 48 miles from Moscow on the river Klyazma, he built a mechanical weaving, cotton-printing and dyeing factories. The factory stood samotkatskih 156 machines, 2 print (printed) odnokolernyh machines, 10 dyeing barges, 2 vat to vat dyeing with a steam engine. There are 500 people employed workers, dyeing and calico stuffed to 90,000 pieces per year.

In 1855, Sidor Shibaev become interested in oil fields development in Baku announced capital merchant 3rd guild on provisional rules.

In 1873 the factory was in Istomkino 782 automated loom machines 6 printing single and four-willed machines, 20 dyeing barges, 5 steam engines with power of 124 horsepower, 1,500 people workers and annual capacity of over 230,000 pieces valued at more than 2 000 000 rubles.

In 1878 he founded factory for the production of sulfuric acid in Baku. Later bought oil-bearing areas - 2 acres and opened the refinery.

In 1879 he founded the oil partnership "S.M.Shibaev and K", which was estimated as very solid company. Sidor Shibaev introduced sulfuric acid production, important for the oil industry in Russia, and was considered a model host. In his work as an engineer company manager V.I.Ragozin in 1870, was first obtained in the laboratory mineral lubricating oil "Oleonaft."

In 1880, Sidor Shibaev bought a neighboring factory in the village merchant Skorospelova Istomkino, where he made a major overhaul and installed new equipment.

In 1881, this factory employed 350 looms, produces clothing fabrics - cotton velvet, half-velvet, Milton, moleskin.

Shibaevs also owned peat in the village of Pushkin Shalovskoy parish office and warehouses on Shuya Yard in Moscow, shops and Labasa in Nizhny Novgorod, while they owned the estate in the Podolsk district Hills.

First wife Maria Ivanovna died 1858 and buried at the Rogozhskoe cemetery in Moscow.

Second wife Evdokia Vukolovna Shibaeva inherited and successfully continued her husband’s business after his death.

Sidor Martinovich Shibaev died in 1888. His wife Evdokia Vukolovna renamed the company "SM Shibaev Widow, EV Shibaeva ", successfully developing production - in 1896 at the Nizhny Novgorod Russia exhibition factory products won a gold medal.