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M. G. Lazarev

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Nikita Gerasimovich Lazarev (1866, Moscow, Russia - 1932, Moscow, Russia) - the architect and entrepreneur.

Born into a family of Moscow Armenians from a certain kind of Lazarev. He graduated from St. Petersburg Institute of Civil Engineers. Gradually became a builder, designing their apartment buildings.

In the 1902-1903 built Echkin’s hotel on Arbat street. Continue to build expensive central areas of Volkhonka, Prechistenka, Arbat, Tver Boulevard.

In 1904-1906 built a hotel for YM Tolstoy on the Arbat.

Lazarev lived in 5 Sheremetyevsky (Romanov) lane, apartment 148. IE Grabar, as a friend of the family of the architect, said of him: "Lazarev brought Arbat and Prechistenka in the New Age."

In 1905-1906, built the apartment house, IA Mindovsky on the Big Ordynka.

In 1906, built the house for NI Mindovsky in Dead (now Prechistensky) lane. In this house for a long time housed the Embassy of Austria in 1939 lived Ribbentrom, in 1944 Churchill stayed.

In 1908, rebuilt the mansion of IA .Mindovsky in Second Neopalimovsky alley.

In 1911 built apartment building for ND Izhboldin on the Big Ordynka.

In 1911 -1912 built apartment building for NM Popov in Vspolny alley. In 1912, rebuilt her house on Garden-Kudrino street.

After the revolution of 1917, Nikita Lazarev remained in Russia, losing the opportunity to engage in construction. But by Soviet standards, was quite a wealthy man until his death.