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N. P. Sheremetev

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Nikolai Petrovich Sheremetev (June 28, 1751, St. Petersburg, Russia - January 2, 1809, St. Petersburg, Russia) - philanthropist, founder of the hospice home in Moscow, Count, senator, chief chamberlain court.

Future patron of the arts was born into a noble family of Count Peter B. Sheremetev and Varvara, nee Princess Cherkassky. As an infant he was listed in Preobrazhensky regiment and the rank of lieutenant in 1768, he went to court service chamberlain.

Received an excellent education at home and continued his four-year journey abroad: in 1771- 1772 году traveled and visited theaters in England, Holland, Switzerland, studied at Leiden University in the Netherlands, in France, learned to play the cello.

During the reign of Empress Catherine II, ten years was the director of the Moscow Nobility Bank. And in 1784 he was elected leader of the Moscow district nobility. Received the rank of senator in 1786. June 28, 1794 Count Sheremetev was awarded the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky.

Who ascended the throne of Paul I do Count Nikolai Sheremetev Commander of the Order of Malta in 1797 and chief chamberlain in 1798 and appoints the director of the theatrical spectacle. In 1800, Count Nikolai Sheremetev resigns and 6 November 1801 married in church Simeon at Cook on his former land Praskovya Ivanovna Kovaleva (theatrical Zhemtchugova alias), a leading actress of his theater.

Young Praskovya Kovalev (June 20, 1768, lumpy, Russia - February 23, 1803, St. Petersburg, Russia), the daughter of the village blacksmith, with 8 years of living in the count house, where she received her musical and acting training, to learn French and Italian. Her debut in the opera Gretry "The experience of friendship" and at the same time for her theatrical Earl chose a pseudonym - Zhemtchugova. She received his freedom in 1798. After 3 years, all her relatives were also released into the wild, and his father recorded in Moscow merchants of the third guild.

The couple had a son, Dmitry February 3, 1803 - his mother died of tuberculosis after 3 weeks after birth.

Count Nikolai Sheremetev built Hospice in Moscow, which opened a year after his death. In 1923, Hospice became the Institute of Emergency Care named after Sklifosofskiy later research center "Health Museum".

Count Nikolai Sheremetev died on January 2, 1809 and is buried in St. Petersburg in the family tomb of the Sheremetev at the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg.