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This section is for those who like to walk and promenade around the city. Select a route from the list or check it on the map. Have a pleasant journey!

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Kitay-gorod: Moscow City

Do you know where Kitay-gorod in Moscow is? If you, like many others, think that this area of the same name subway, you very, very wrong.

30 150 min 2.7 km
Rating: 3.61

Romantic route

7 90 min 4 km
Rating: 3.15

Guided restorer Andrew Ivliev on Pyatnitskaya Street

Interesting walks with a restorer at Pyatnitskaya Street is the magazine "Moscow Heritage" project and "Exit to the city."

15 120 min 3.5 km
Rating: 3.38

Valery Garkalin: "I used to live on the Yauza ..."

Walk with Valery Garkalin the places where he grew up and where he lives now.

8 120 min 3.8 km
Rating: 3.45

What Bolshaya Dmitrovka beneath?

Now this street given to pedestrians, the entire space has become a large museum, where one wants to peek into each room.

21 100 min 2.3 km
Rating: 3.1